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       This website features ski boats and fun in the sun on the Colorado River ! A new Colorado River Rat Ski Boat Project is underway "Danger Zone" a former NJBA Quarter mile drag boat ski jet class record holder - Don Hettish 1987                  

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The Story

(from left to right: Danielle Kirk, Chester Kirk, Clint)

Welcome to the home page for Colorado River Rats. Take a look at Past Adventures in our web.

The Colorado River Rats are a group of drag and ski boat enthusiasts who gather and hold family friendly parties each year to enjoy some fun in the sun on the Colorado River. Everyone is working on their boats getting ready for summer fun in the sun on the Colorado River.

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Past Adventures

Custom made Contractor Tool boxes for Drag Boat Racers, Drag Racers and garage wrenchers. Dangerzone project boat in progress. current schedule for more Colorado River Rats fun in the sun on the Colorado River gathering.

Laughlin, Nevada - June 2001

bulletWaiting at dock 
bulletIn motion
bulletOn The Beach

Close-Up Photos



502 cu inches of GenVI Big Block Chevrolet Bow tie

bulletDangerzone project boat will be ready sometime in the future for some June fun in the sun at the Colorado River.

Laughlin, Nevada - There are currently no annual Colorado River Rats Meetings scheduled for fun in the sun with friends and their ski boats. 

In progress - a project boat will be added to this site soon. Danger Zone One, a 1987 NJBA quarter mile drag Ski Boat Class record holder designed and driven by Don Hettish of La Verne, California - 502 Cu in Gen VI Big Block Bow Tie in a Wildercraft Tunnel Ram hull with jet drive. The 850 hp engine has been retired, but the 500 hp 502 cu in will provide enough attitude for some serious Colorado River Rat water fun in the sun.


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